Birò Share

Birò Share makes the many advantages of Birò available to a wider audience. This unique and innovative platform makes it possible to share your Birò with neighbours, friends or colleagues.

Birò Share is easy to use via the Birò Share platform. The platform provides insight into registrations and usage. You determine your own rate and you’re able to distinguish between travel time and parking time. Users each have their own unique Birò Card and pay by the minute.
With Birò Share, we’re looking to stimulate the use of Birò over ownership, significantly reducing the use of cars in the city. Because a reduction of car ownership also reduces air pollution, noise pollution, traffic jams and the pressure of parking in the city.
Birò Share connects, making mobility efficient and the city a more pleasant place to live. Ultimately, sharing is smart, social and financially beneficial. Birò Share works to your advantage with an average use of 2 hours per day. Take a look at our calculation demo or contact us for more information. Life is sharing.



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